porn slut stole dancewear

Posted in Dance wear on June 28th, 2011 by Dancwear

As the title says, a uk porn star took advantage of our generosity by stealing an item of bodyzone dancewear.

Last year at the venus show held anually in Berlin we made an agreement with UK porn star daisy rock to provide clothing for a porn shoot. No payment was requested but in return it was agreed with daisy rock and her assistant would provide photos from the shoot wearing the sexy dancewear and also provide a video content.

We stuck to our end of the deal and provided the sexy dance wear for Daisy and she threw it back in our faces.

During the show we spoke to her assistant and camera man that also agreed to the deal. Several days passed being fobbed off by both, eventually it ended in an argument between both parties when we requested payment for the item instead of the photos and video as it was obvious there there was never any intention to provide the mentioned content. With this daisy stormed off and that was the last we saw of the thief. No payment was ever made for the items, no content was ever made as payment.

Although we have had no payment and sexy dance wear we have learnt a valuable lesson from this experience.

In future we will not be providing any clothing for models of any kind due to the low life antics of daisy rock.

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New BodyZone mini dresses

Posted in Dance wear on June 6th, 2011 by Dancwear

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the new clubwear range from BodyZone Apparel.

It has been long awaited for the last few months and even now the whole range has not yet been released. About half of the new clubwear and dance wear range is now available with the rest of the range being made available in the next few weeks.

We have selected one of our favourites to feature on the blog, it is the Rhinestone V Front tube dress.

Rhinestone v front dress

Pictured here in water blue this gorgeous mini dress is also available in black. It featured a V shaped Rhinestone joining the top of the V shape on the dress. As usual the quality and feel of the Bodyzone apparel will not disappoint as bodyzone have kept up there usual high standards.

So if your looking for something new and want to stand out from the crowd then you should consider one of the new mini dresses from Bodyzone apparel.

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