The end of BodyZone?

Posted in Dance wear on July 19th, 2011 by Dancwear

Is this the end of the BodyZone Apparel range from Lap Dancing Clothes?

Were actually not sure but there is a good chance that over the next few months we will see the removal of the bodyzone dance wear. There is many factors taken into account before we made this decision.

Mainly we have been told that the UK distributors are going to be changing. This will lead to a price increase that we are not prepared to take. This will ultimately lead to huge price increases in the retail cost of the items to our customers. We do not think it is fair and we believe our customers should have access to affordable sexy dancewear and not over priced dancewear making some fat cat rich.

So we are currently searching for a new sexy dancewear range that we can list on our website to replace the BodyZone apparel range. This might take several days, weeks or even months before these changes come into effect. We also have a wide ran


New dance poles

Posted in Dance wear on July 9th, 2011 by Dancwear

We are currently in negotiations with 2 different companies about supplying mobile dance poles like X poles.

One of the dance poles we will instantly be stocking is the new Fetish Fantasy Dance Pole and the Private Dance Pole.

Please keep checking over the next few weeks so you can see the new products we will be adding. As well as lots of new dance poles we will be adding new Baci Lingerie and also new BodyZone Apparel Dancewear and dresses.

In addition we have now had chance to look at some of the new mini dresses from BodyZone that have arrived in stock over the last few weeks.

This Faux Leather Mini Dress is a classic example of the quality of the bodyzone mini dress and new dance wear collection.  Detailed pattern in gold and silver embedded into the dress is a joy to see, the open from and open back gives you the freedom to move around and of course the mini skirt will leave nothing to the imagination.


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