Erotica dead in the water

After we published our review and report back in December 2011 (

on the erotica show it brings me great pleasure to write the next bit of information.

Following the disappointment of the 2011 show and the lack of interest from exhibitors, the 2012 Erotica show has been cancelled.

It was only a matter of time before this happened. I tried as hard as I could to see how the organiser of the show would entice exhibitors back to erotica after the sly underhand backstabbing treatment last year and I could only come up with the one single answer. They couldn’t!!..

In the current climate when times are tough, turnover is dwindling down the last thing you need is to pay thousands of pounds out for a stand at an exhibition only to find the organisers have got there own free stands in competition with you. This unfair advantage means the playing field is uneven before the games kicked off. The heavily discounted prices of these free organisers stands also means the other exhibitors are unable to drop their prices to match them as.

At the end of the day, Erotica organisers have shot themselves in the foot. They claim to be returning in 2013 with a bigger better show but again, I will be asking the same questions and i’m confident I will get the same answers.

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