erotica 2013

It was announced today that the UK’s Adult Erotic show would be returning to the UK at a new earlier date in October.

In addition the new re-launch show has been moved to a smaller venue capable of holding just 3000 people according to the official tobacco dock website.

Here at lap dancing clothes we thing the entire show will be very poor with many of the usual exhibitors absent.

The last time the show was hosted back in 2011 at Earls Court Olympia there was many problems that seen many of the regular exhibitors refuse to return to Erotica the following year and as a result in 2012 the show that had already been moved to a smaller venue was cancelled.

It’s hardly surprising then that the new venue is even smaller. I’m guessing the event organisers will have to try to rebuild the brand name that was smashed to bits by the very same organisers back in 2011.

I doubt very much we will see a return of the Erotica Show like the good old days. The organisers did to much damage to there reputation in 2011 and the exhibitors that have spent tens of thousands of pounds over the last 10 years will not be so forgiving for the way that have been treated.

As a result here at Lap Dancing Clothes have no plans to exhibit at Erotica 2013  and as long as the current staff and current show organisers are in charge then we will never exhibit again.

You read it here first, don’t expect anything good from this show!!

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