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Posted in Sex toys on October 11th, 2012 by Dancwear

Hello everyone….

It’s been several months since we announced some of our planned changes with new products and dance wear. Since we made these announcements we have not actually managed to add any of our new products due to being overwhelmingly busy on our flagship sex toy website, that sex shop.

Over the last few months we have been working hard with a redesign of our website from the ground upwards. This has been finished and we have spent the last 6 weeks working through a database of 5000 products filtering the old discontinued stock and also adding stock items not listed.

We are almost ready to go live with the new product database and start adding brand new products to the website.

Once we have made these changes we will be in a position to start work on the Lap Dancing clothes website.

Whilst working on our sex shop website we have also added all of our dance wear and sexy lingerie to the site.

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new ranges coming shortly

Posted in Dance wear on June 21st, 2012 by Dancwear

This weekend sees the annual trade show for the adult industry, This includes wholesalers and distributors from around the world meeting in Birmingham, UK to show off there new products lines and ranges. Lap Dancing Clothes is attending this years trade show and plans on visiting several new suppliers with a view to introducing some new fresh ranges to our website. So far we plan to meet with at least 3 new manufacturers and it has been confirmed one of our new product ranges for our dance wear and swimwear range is the British brand SassyAss.

We will be posting more information on our website as we get new stock. We will also be adding a new range of eyelashes from Baci Lingerie.

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Erotica confirmed

Posted in Lingerie on August 8th, 2011 by Dancwear

Lap Dancing Clothes can now confirm we will be attending the UK’s premier erotic lifestyle show Erotica UK.

Our Profile can be seen here,

The show takes place in November at London’s Olympia (Earls court) and lasts for 3 days from Friday to Sunday.

Usually the shop opens at Midday the show remains open until late (10pm) but this year sees a change, the show will open an hour earlier at 11am and will also close early at 9pm including the Sunday which usually closes about 7pm.

What can you expect?

Like past years you can expect our stand to have a huge range of dance wear and sexy lingerie at affordable prices. We did plan to take a range of shoes but have decided to offer a wider range of lingerie and dancewear instead.

You can expect to see the widest selection of underwear, hosiery including a massive range of stockings, tights, (pantyhose) suspenders,  bodystockings, dresses, mini dress, G Strings, Gowns, Rompers / bodysuits and much more..

Our Erotica web page does not give much information at the moments and will be updated over the next few days.

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porn slut stole dancewear

Posted in Dance wear on June 28th, 2011 by Dancwear

As the title says, a uk porn star took advantage of our generosity by stealing an item of bodyzone dancewear.

Last year at the venus show held anually in Berlin we made an agreement with UK porn star daisy rock to provide clothing for a porn shoot. No payment was requested but in return it was agreed with daisy rock and her assistant would provide photos from the shoot wearing the sexy dancewear and also provide a video content.

We stuck to our end of the deal and provided the sexy dance wear for Daisy and she threw it back in our faces.

During the show we spoke to her assistant and camera man that also agreed to the deal. Several days passed being fobbed off by both, eventually it ended in an argument between both parties when we requested payment for the item instead of the photos and video as it was obvious there there was never any intention to provide the mentioned content. With this daisy stormed off and that was the last we saw of the thief. No payment was ever made for the items, no content was ever made as payment.

Although we have had no payment and sexy dance wear we have learnt a valuable lesson from this experience.

In future we will not be providing any clothing for models of any kind due to the low life antics of daisy rock.

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