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Posted in General news on February 5th, 2013 by Dancwear

It was announced today that the UK’s Adult Erotic show would be returning to the UK at a new earlier date in October.

In addition the new re-launch show has been moved to a smaller venue capable of holding just 3000 people according to the official tobacco dock website.

Here at lap dancing clothes we thing the entire show will be very poor with many of the usual exhibitors absent.

The last time the show was hosted back in 2011 at Earls Court Olympia there was many problems that seen many of the regular exhibitors refuse to return to Erotica the following year and as a result in 2012 the show that had already been moved to a smaller venue was cancelled.

It’s hardly surprising then that the new venue is even smaller. I’m guessing the event organisers will have to try to rebuild the brand name that was smashed to bits by the very same organisers back in 2011.

I doubt very much we will see a return of the Erotica Show like the good old days. The organisers did to much damage to there reputation in 2011 and the exhibitors that have spent tens of thousands of pounds over the last 10 years will not be so forgiving for the way that have been treated.

As a result here at Lap Dancing Clothes have no plans to exhibit at Erotica 2013  and as long as the current staff and current show organisers are in charge then we will never exhibit again.

You read it here first, don’t expect anything good from this show!!

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Erotica dead in the water

Posted in General news on April 18th, 2012 by Dancwear

After we published our review and report back in December 2011 (

on the erotica show it brings me great pleasure to write the next bit of information.

Following the disappointment of the 2011 show and the lack of interest from exhibitors, the 2012 Erotica show has been cancelled.

It was only a matter of time before this happened. I tried as hard as I could to see how the organiser of the show would entice exhibitors back to erotica after the sly underhand backstabbing treatment last year and I could only come up with the one single answer. They couldn’t!!..

In the current climate when times are tough, turnover is dwindling down the last thing you need is to pay thousands of pounds out for a stand at an exhibition only to find the organisers have got there own free stands in competition with you. This unfair advantage means the playing field is uneven before the games kicked off. The heavily discounted prices of these free organisers stands also means the other exhibitors are unable to drop their prices to match them as.

At the end of the day, Erotica organisers have shot themselves in the foot. They claim to be returning in 2013 with a bigger better show but again, I will be asking the same questions and i’m confident I will get the same answers.

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Erotica, the end of an era

Posted in General news on December 6th, 2011 by Dancwear

Erotica, The end of an era?

First a little Erotica History.

Erotica for a number of years now has been the only single event of it’s kind in the whole of the UK.

Originally the show started off in national hall until the show became popular. Once the demand for a bigger venue and increase in show visitors increased then the show moved from the smaller national hall into the Grand Hall at London’s Olympia.

The organisers did organise the same show in Manchester some years ago but the show never really took off and it’s wasn’t long before it was back to a single show in London.

More recently (2005-2008) the show seen some competition in the way of some new exhibitions from passion being held in Birmingham and London but the time of year was all wrong and they just didn’t get the marketing right, poor visitors meant the shows only lasted a few years before stopping.

So back to Erotica again…..

Erotica organiser Savvas Christodoulou has been running the show since it was launched in 1997. It is the very same once liked Savvas Christodoulou that many people have now taken a dislike to.

Is it also a coincidence that Christodoulou has also resigned and is no longer registered as a director for 23 different companies, many relating to Erotica & Secrets House.

So what’s the problem here?

Well in a nutshell I can only assume greed is the main issue. There have been many unconfirmed reports over the past few years that Christodoulou refused to pay entertainer Dita Von Teese. I must stress that these reports are unconfirmed. Dita did perform again at Erotica in 2010, something I would assume she would not do if there was any issues with payments.

So during the 2011 Erotica show we had lots of time to venture around the show and visit other exhibitors, why could we do this? because the show visitors were so down on previous years it wasn’t busy enough to keep us on our stands this year. This is another problem that has also been a problem for a number of years now. Once the Erotica show used to boast 90k visitors over 3 days. Last year seen advertising figures boast an exaggerated 60k over 3 days, that’s a massive 33% decrease in just 12 months yet after the 2011 show I’d bet money on there being no more than 30-40k over the 3 days.

With visitor numbers dwindling down faster than a rabbit down a ferret hole it’s hardly surprising the 2012 Erotica show has now been moved back to the smaller National Hall.

I even had time to stop and speak to lots of visitors to the show and they all confirmed my suspisions, not only was money tighter than usual but the Erotica show has finally lost it’s appeal. The stage shows are poor, the entertainers walking the isles have been the same now for many years. some things need to change and for many it’s to little to late.

Having had time to speak to many exhibitors I am in a position to confirm that not a single exhibitor I spoke to is booking a stand at the 2012 Erotica show. Not least because the new venue is very small but because many are unhappy with the unfair competition by the show organiser Christodoulou who had no less than 3 of his own stands in direct competition with exhibitors that had paid for floorspace at the show.

In addition, Christodoulou also put any other exhibitors at a disadvantage by placing large posts in front of their stands that was not shown on the floor plans. By moving exhibitors like the art gallery to the upper floors to make room for his own Baci Lingerie stand in prime positions.

All in all any companies considering having a stand at Erotica next year should first do some homework and consider if they wish to go into competition with the show organiser.

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Erotica confirmed

Posted in Lingerie on August 8th, 2011 by Dancwear

Lap Dancing Clothes can now confirm we will be attending the UK’s premier erotic lifestyle show Erotica UK.

Our Profile can be seen here,

The show takes place in November at London’s Olympia (Earls court) and lasts for 3 days from Friday to Sunday.

Usually the shop opens at Midday the show remains open until late (10pm) but this year sees a change, the show will open an hour earlier at 11am and will also close early at 9pm including the Sunday which usually closes about 7pm.

What can you expect?

Like past years you can expect our stand to have a huge range of dance wear and sexy lingerie at affordable prices. We did plan to take a range of shoes but have decided to offer a wider range of lingerie and dancewear instead.

You can expect to see the widest selection of underwear, hosiery including a massive range of stockings, tights, (pantyhose) suspenders,  bodystockings, dresses, mini dress, G Strings, Gowns, Rompers / bodysuits and much more..

Our Erotica web page does not give much information at the moments and will be updated over the next few days.

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