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Our minimum payout is 50.00

Each month we will process commission sales, If you have not reached 50 minimum we will carry over your commission to the following month. We will keep doing this until you reach the 50 required.

If you decide you no longer want to participate in the Affiliate program and would like to cancel your account but have not reached the 50 minimum we can pay out any money owed at out discretion.

i.e If you have several transactions amounting to 37.85 then we will pay out out and cancel your affiliate account.

i.e If you have just 1 or very few transactions and 6.20 we will check to make sure you are a genuine affiliate. We will not pake payouts for low amounts or accounts used to get 1 or 2 items slightly cheaper than a retail customer.

Our affiliate scheme if designed to make money for our partners and affiliates, it is not set up for retail customers to get a couple of pounds back on sales.

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