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We have 5 different affiliate levels, the more customers you refer the high level your affiliate account becomes.

For affliate that only refer one or two customers per month the affiliate is our standard percentage. Higher referrers obviously will be given a better reward.

Below if a break down of the different affiliate levels and different percentages that will be paid and roughly how many sales are required.
All percentages are worked out minus postage costs.

Standard / General Affiliates - up to 20 conversions per month:
1st Tier: 15 percetage   -  No 2nd Tier

Bronze level Affiliates - 21 to 49 conversions per month:
1st Tier: 22 percetage   -   2nd Tier: no 2nd tier

Silver level Affiliates - 50 to 99 conversions per month:
1st Tier: 28 percetage   -   2nd Tier: 1%

Gold level Affiliates - 100 to 199 conversions per month:
1st Tier: 31 percetage   -   2nd Tier: 2%

Diamond level Affiliates - over 200 conversions per month:
1st Tier: 34 percetage   -   2nd Tier: 4%

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